Nothing Fails Like Prayer


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People who are afflicted with religious delusions often believe that they can ask their invisible friend for a favor, and if he is not in a bad mood he just might grant their wish, if he feels like it, and they asked the right way, and they asked the correct invisible friend – the one they imagine exists, not the one those bad people imagine.

One important thing you should know about this subject is that Nothing Fails Like Prayer™.

When people afflicted with a religious delusion pray for something to happen, and the thing they wished for does happen, they tend to believe it has happened because of some action taken by their invisible friend. One problem with this is that their invisible friend does not exist.

There is no harm in wishing for things, everyone does. But it is not such a great idea to ask your invisible friends for something in the expectation that she, he, or it will answer your prayer. Please pay close attention to the next sentence. It will not answer your prayer because it does not exist.

When we wish that something would happen, like that a friend or family member might go into remission instead of continuing to suffer or even die from cancer, often there are two possible outcomes. The thing we wish for might occur, or the thing we wish for might not occur.

In all cases where people believe their prayers have been answered the event they interpret as proof of intervention by their invisible friend is something that could have happened anyway. People do go into remission after suffering from cancer. Coins do come up heads sometimes when we toss them. People do get jobs they are seeking.

The difficult cases come when people pray for something that actually could not happen spontaneously and would only occur if the invisible friend they believe in actually did exist and she was in a good mood today. For example try telling a teenager to pray when their iPod is broken. Try telling a double amputee to pray so that an invisible friend will make her limbs grow back. It is not going to happen. And the reason that it is not going to happen is that Nothing Fails Like Prayer™.

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